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“The Biggest Little Farm” Transforms Land Into a “Farmville” Reality

By José Alberto Hermosillo
“The Biggest Little Farm” is captivating, environmentally inspiring, and organically stimulating. A documentary about all the excitement of running a farm successfully in California. A total winner!

Facing eviction from their tiny urban apartment in Santa Monica, John and Molly Chester needed to find a new place to live in, something with a backyard where their dog Todd can bark as much as he wants. 
 Molly and John Chester ©2019 Neon
The California couple never imagined that their steadily growing family soon would find the land of their dreams in the thriving community of Moorpark - a citrus-growing area located one-hour northwest Los Angeles in the Ventura County,

Years back, John lived on his uncle’s farm, where he was taught to respect the land. At that time, he didn’t see things the way he sees now.
The Biggest Little Farm ©2019 Neon
They dove into this new lifestyle headfirst and started researching sustainable farming. The Chesters found everything they needed on the internet: from investors to volunteers and even livestock! Like in the Farmville game, but at this time was real.

They met an expert in soil and ecosystems named Alan York. The specialist became their counselor and mentor. His approach had a colorful philosophy. He was less scientific and pragmatic kind of person.

York stimulated Molly's vision with bold ideas about organic farming, diversifying orchards, and crop rotating - something that Medieval Cultures practiced but Modern Times are forgetting. The perks of running the farm brought the couple closer.
The Biggest Little Farm mural at the Arclight, Hollywood. 
Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
In 2009, John had no time to waste. His background in photography and knowledge in farming inspired him to tell a story about nature. 

John began filming their journey through the seasons and how the cycles repeated year after year, as a guide working with his crew periodically.

John placed all the isolated footage together, and with the help of some interns was able to finish this fun-to-watch documentary.
The cinematography is by John Chester himself, and it has the quality of any National Geographic project.

“The Biggest Little Farm” features stunning imagery combined with an accessible and fun narration that makes watching this film a joy.

At a very insightful screening, John Chester said: “Nature doesn’t work in right or wrong, only works with consequences. The complexity becomes a vibrant experience.” He added more about the importance of diversifying the soil adding natural nutrients, and how that ties with everything else. “Farming is the most interesting video game you can ever imagine.”
 Emma and Greasy, The Biggest Little Farm ©2019 Neon
On their particular farm, every animal is a character. They have a name and an essential job, like Emma, the pig, Greasy the rooster, and Todd, the inspirational dog

To transform every adversity into an opportunity, the new farmers relied on the power of observation and discovered that even predators become pollinators to keep the balance in life going.

In a farm, living and dead walk side by side and death is only a facet of life. One of John's most challenging tasks was to euthanize an animal, but remember that life recycles itself: dead means nothing to the ecosystem, only a new beginning for another being to subsist. 

John Chester added: “An embarrassing situation cripples the possibility to find an explanation. When something goes bad, do not freak out; a problem is a chance to find a solution.”

Observation is your superpower.
After the screening, the director commented that in Berlin, people said, “We didn't know Americans can be ecosystem friendly.” A big oops from the political agenda of the present administration.
 Greasy, The Biggest Little Farm ©2019 Neon
While audiences around the world are helping the documentary to earn accolades in film festivals like Sundance and the AFI FEST, the narrative missed essential pieces of information such as financial standings, earnings and losses, and some relevant economic data, for other people who may want to follow their lead in farming. 

The lack of "money matters" and specific facts that make that farm sustainable is compensated with natural humor and tenderness. 

Though we followed the Chesters's experiences carefully, we couldn't think more about the lives of the vast army of volunteers, interns, and workers who keep the large piece of the land alive.
Children's book, The Biggest Little Farm ©2019 Neon
“The Biggest Little Farm” creates a profound impact on the viewer for its honesty and accessibility. Mostly about the significant challenges we are facing due to Climate Change and Global Warming. Thumbs up for the Chester family, and for their extraordinary ability to reconstruct and maintain the land where nature and humans can coexist harmoniously.
The Biggest Little Farm trailer

Saturday, April 27, 2019


By José Alberto Hermosillo
Street Food Cinema, Calendar 2019
The Street Food Cinema has announced its lineup for the 2019 season. This fun-filled outdoor movie experience is the largest in the Los Angeles area. It will run for 27 weeks, at 11 locations, and it has planned more than 50 fantastic events.

Call it the perfect date or a night out at the movies – the Street Food Cinema had brought thousands of avid movie fans to the outdoors screenings to enjoy films. The pre-show includes live music, bands, dancers, filmmakers, and celebrities.
Street Food Cinema - Los Angeles
This year highlights include “500 Days of Summer,” “The Sandlot,” “Crazy Rich Asians,” “A Star is Born,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Clueless,” “Selena,” and “Toy Story 2” and “Toy Story 3” on a single bill.

Many people still don’t know how magical those outdoors movie experiences can be. For that reason, we strongly encourage anyone to come out and join many Angelinos in those delightful movies and dinner celebrations.
Street Food Cinema - Los Angeles
DATES   MOVIE                              LOCATION                               
Apr 27  500 Days of Summer     LA State Historic Park (Downtown)                
May 4   A Star Is Born                  Poinsettia Rec Park (West Hollywood)
May 4   Pulp Fiction                     LA State Historic Park (Downtown)            
May 11 The Princess Bride         Griffith Park Center                     
May 11 The Royal Tenenbaums Exposition Park (Downtown)
May 18 Miss Congeniality          Glendale Central Park (Glendale)
May 18 The Wizard of Oz           Will Rogers State Historic Park 
May 25 Back to the Future          Victory Park (Pasadena)
Jun 1     Crazy Rich Asians           LA Arboretum (Arcadia)
Jun 1     Bohemian Rhapsody     Poinsettia Rec Park (West Hollywood)
Jun 8     The Greatest Showman Victory Park (Pasadena)
Jun 8     The Goonies                    Veterans Memorial Park (Culver City)
Jun 15   Shrek                                Griffith Park Center (Griffith Park)
Jun 15   Step Brothers                 LA State Historic Park (Downtown)
Jun 22   Jurassic Park                   Victory Park (Pasadena)
Jun 22   Straight Outta Compton Exposition Park (Downtown)
Jun 29   Clueless                           Westdrift Golf Course (Manhattan Beach)
Jun 29   Goodfellas                      Exposition Park (Downtown)
Jul 6      Black Panther                 Crystal Springs Picnic Area (Griffith Park)
Jul 6      Jaws                                  Will Rogers State Historic Park 
Jul 13    Raiders of the Lost Ark Victory Park (Pasadena)
Jul 13    The Sandlot                     Brand Park (Glendale)
Jul 20    Anchorman                     Veterans Memorial Park (Culver City)
Jul 20    Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Eagle Rock Rec Park (Eagle Rock)
Jul 27    Crazy, Stupid, Love.       Poinsettia Rec Park (West Hollywood)
Jul 27    Mean Girls                      Will Rogers State Historic Park   
Jul 27    Guardians of the Galaxy Victory Park (Pasadena)
Aug 3    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Verdugo Park (Glendale)
Aug 3    The Breakfast Club        Veterans Memorial Park (Culver City)
Aug 10  Monsters, Inc.                Crystal Springs Picnic Area (Griffith Park)
Aug 10  Office Space                    Eagle Rock Rec Park (Eagle Rock)
Aug 17  Pretty in Pink                  LA Arboretum (Arcadia)
Aug 17  Bridesmaids                    Will Rogers State Historic Park       
Aug 24  Napoleon Dynamite      Brand Park (Glendale)
Aug 24  Say Anything                    Pan Pacific Park (Beverly Hills)
Aug 31  Mary Poppins                  Victory Park (Pasadena)
Sep 7     10 Things I Hate About You - Will Rogers State Historic Park      
Sep 7     Dirty Dancing                 Westdrift Golf Course (Manhattan Beach)
Sep 14   The Little Mermaid       Crystal Springs Picnic Area (Griffith Park)
Sep 14   Fight Club                        LA State Historic Park (Downtown)               
Sep 21   Selena                              Victory Park (Pasadena)
Sep 21   The Lost Boys                 Pan Pacific Park (Beverly Hills)
Sep 28   Up                                     Glendale Central Park (Glendale)
Sep 28   The Matrix                      LA State Historic Park (Downtown)
Oct 5     Toy Story 2 & 3               Verdugo Park (Glendale)
Oct 12   Beetlejuice                      Will Rogers State Historic Park       
Oct 12   Addams Family Values Veterans Memorial Park (Culver City)
Oct 19   Bram Stoker’s Dracula  LA State Historic Park (Downtown)                
Oct 19   Twilight                            Victory Park (Pasadena)
Oct 19   Hocus Pocus                    Westdrift Golf Course (Manhattan Beach).

And here is the complete schedule for Los Angeles Street Food Cinema: 
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” New Trailer Makes the Internet Go Nuts

By José Alberto Hermosillo
The highly anticipated Quentin Tarantino ninth feature “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” has a new trailer, and the fans of its A-plus cast are breaking the internet.

The time period where the story is taking place may concern mostly the baby-boomers, but many millennials, who may not be familiar with Tarantino’s movies, are big fans of its terrific cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Luke Perry, Margot Robbie, Dakota Fanning, Emile Hirsch, Kurt Russell, and Clifton Collins Jr.

Set at the end of Hollywood Golden Age – in 1969, the anticipated film tells the story of a TV actor (Leonardo) and his stunt-double (Brad) struggling to achieve success in a very competitive, and at the same time debauched industry.
During the early 1970s, Hollywood was in the process of transformation, but always a few bad apples fall from the tree. 

The scandals of child abuse by Roman Polansky played in the film by the Polish actor Rafal Zawierucha (“Afterimage”), and the infamous murders committed by Charles Manson, incarnated by Australian actor Damon Herriman are also a few of the story-lines to follow in this intricate script.

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is written by the two times Oscar winner writer/director Quentin Tarantino, who is one of the first American directors looked upon by European filmmakers as auteur.
Michael Madsen and Tim Roth, Tarantino’s regular actors, complement the fascinating cast.

The film is still in the cutting process and is expected to be ready for its world premiere at Cannes 2019. Quentin Tarantino already won the Palme d’Or in 1994 for “Pulp Fiction.” 

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Makeup & Hairstyling Symposium Oscars 2019

By José Alberto Hermosillo
Makeup & Hairstyling Symposium Nominees. Oscar Week 2019. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA

Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling Symposium

The Oscar Week consists of a series of panels and symposiums hosted by the Academy in the days preceding the Awards. 

Those events focus on the work of the Oscar® nominees in seven categories: Documentaries - Short Subject and Feature, Shorts - Animated and Live Action, Animated Feature, Makeup & Hairstyling, and Best Foreign Language Film. 

Most of the nominees speak about their arts and crafts, and above all... their experiences making those remarkable films worth a nomination.
 Oscar Week 2019, programs. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
At the Academy, every branch has specific guidelines to nominate a particular film accordingly to its achievements. 

For decades, the Oscar did not have the Best Makeup & Hairstyling category until the early 1980s. Before that, the Academy gave two Honorary Awards: One in 1967 to William Tuttle for “7 Faces of Dr. Lao,” and the second one to John Chambers for “Planet of the Apes” in 1968.
The Makeup & Hairstyling category is relatively new. It was established until the year 1981. The Academy honored the work of Rick Baker for “An American Werewolf in London” as the first Makeup Oscar winner.
 Oscar Week, Makeup & Hairstyling 2019 program. Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA

Since then, three outstanding films are chosen each year: A time-period piece, a contemporary work, and a Sci-fi/fantasy project.

The Makeup Branch values the quality of the work of a single character or to the task done on the entire cast in a production.

For example, the branch celebrated the job done in the characterization of: Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady” (2011), Salma Hayek as the iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in “Frida” (2002), Marion Cotillard as the legendary French singer Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose” (2007), and Gary Oldman as the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in “The Darkest Hour” (2017).

Recently, the epic productions that gained the Academy’s recognition are: “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003), “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015), and “Suicide Squad” (2016).

Fantasy films get the voters’ attention. They recognized the work of Guillermo del Toro in “Pan's Labyrinth” (2006), “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (2008), and “Star Trek” (2009).
Makeup & Hairstyling. Photo Jose A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
And the nominees for Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling of 2019 are: 

“Border,” Göran Lundström and Pamela Goldammer.
“Mary Queen of Scots,” Jenny Shircore, Marc Pilcher and Jessica Brooks.
“Vice” Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe and Patricia Dehaney, (WINNER).

"Mary Queen of Scots" nominees: Jenny Shircore, Marc Pilcher, Jessica Brooks
Jenny Shircore and Marc Pilcher, "Mary Queen of Scots." Film critic José Alberto Hermosillo (center) ©2019 Festival in LA
"Mary Queen of Scots" makeup display. Photo José Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Mary Queen of Scots" makeup display. Photo José Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Mary Queen of Scots" makeup display. Photo José Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Mary Queen of Scots" makeup display. Photo José Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Mary Queen of Scots" makeup display. Photo José Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Vice," Oscar nominee for Best Makeup & Hairstyling

 "Vice" nominees:  Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe and Patricia Dehaney.
"Vice" makeup display. Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe, Best Makeup Oscar nominees, "Vice." Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Vice" makeup display. Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Vice" makeup display. Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Vice" makeup display. Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Vice" makeup display. Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
"Vice" makeup display. Photo José A. Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
Border - Gräns. Oscar nominee for best Makeup & Hairstyling
"Border" nominees:  Göran Lundström and Pamela Goldammer.
Eva Malanger, the actress from the Swedish film "Border" and the fantastic makeup transformation as Tina, the border agent. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA.
Eva Malanger, Border.
Film critic José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
Ali Abbasi, director, "Border." Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
Border, makeup display. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
Border, makeup display. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
Border, makeup display. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
Border, makeup display. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
 Pamela Goldmmaner, Göran Lundströn, Makeup Oscar Nominees "Boder." Film critic José Alberto Hermosillo (center). ©2019 Festival in LA
Lois Burwell, moderator, and Oscar winner Makeup Artist. 
Film critic José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
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