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By José Alberto Hermosillo
Maria Felix Doodle Google. Festival in LA

Many need to learn who Maria Felix was, but Google does. This year, the searchable internet site celebrates the life of the legendary Mexican Diva with an iconic doodle. 

Maria Felix is history's ultimate and most famous Mexican movie star.
During the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema (1940-1950), she worked on 47 films, including those in Argentina, Spain, Panama, Italy, and France. 

Among her most famous works are “French Cancan” (made in Frace) and “The Affairs of Messalina” (shot in Italy).

“Enamorada” and “Hidden River” are two landmarks of the well-known the Golden Age of Cine Mexicano. 

She also worked on “Naked Passion,” “May God Forgive Me,” “The Kneeling Goddess,” “The Devil is a Woman,” “Reportaje,” “Heroes and Sinners,” “Tizoc,” and “La Generala.”

She proudly rejected Hollywood for offering her the role of an Indian woman when she was portraying a Queen elsewhere. The rest of the world knew how big the Mexican diva was. 
She spent many years living in Paris, where thanks to her connections, the Mexican government and engineers worked together with their French counterparts building the subway in Mexico City.
Oil painting of Maria Felix by Diego Rivera
Maria Felix was born on April 8th, 1914, in the Northern border state of Sonora. Coincidentally, she died on April 8th of 2002 in Mexico City. There, thousands and thousands of faithful fans said the last goodbye and paid their respects in one of the most tumultuous and queenly funerals the city can record. 

The people lined up for miles, from the Palace of the Fine Arts to the French cemetery. The funeral was shown live in the USA, from coast to coast, on Spanish-speaking networks.

Many still remember her beauty contrasting with her dominant personality, empowering women in their fight against sexism. 

Her filmography speaks volumes and is there to let everybody know that Maria Felix was only one, la devoradora.
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