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Makeup & Hairstyling - Oscar Week www.FestivalinLA.com

For the 92nd Academy Awards, the Academy implemented a few new rules increasing the number of nominated films in the Makeup & Hairstyling category, from three to five. With more nominees, the competition is stimulating. However, the foundation remained unchanged, taking into consideration the pre-established literary genres, such as contemporary/drama, time-period/horror, and Sci-Fi/fantasy.

After viewing the 344, seven minutes “baked-off reels,” members evaluate the eligibility and attributions of each movie. Then, the Academy shortlist ten semi-finalists to name the five final films on Nomination Day.

Rick Baker is a legendary Makeup Artist, seven times Oscar winner. His body of work includes An American Werewolf in Paris, Planet of the Apes, Men in Black, Ed Wood. Photo: Gabriel Romero ©2019 Festival in LA

The Makeup & Hairstyling branch is relatively new. The category was established in 1982. That year, the Academy named Rick Baker as the first Oscar winner for his outstanding job in “An American Werewolf in London.” 

Since then, Mr. Baker has won six more times. His second Oscar was for “Harry and the Hendersons” in 1988. The extraordinary work executed in Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood” earned him his third award in 1994. He won again for “The Nutty Professor” in 1996, “Men in Black” in 1997, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in 2000, and “The Wolfman” in 2011.
Makeup & Hairstyling. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA

And the nominees for Outstanding Makeup & Hairstyling are:

“Bombshell” Kazu Hiro, Anne Morgan, and Vivian Baker
“Joker” Nicki Ledermann and Kay Georgiou
“Judy” Jeremy Woodhead
“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” Paul Gooch, Arjen Tuiten, and David White
“1917” Naomi Donne, Tristan Versluis, and Rebecca Cole
    Makeup & Hairstyling. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA

    Oscar Winners:
    Kazu Hiro, Anne Morgan, and Vivian Baker

    “Bombshell” recounts the scandal over the sexual harassment charges against Roger Ailes, president of Fox News, by a group of female employees.

    The makeup department exhaustively researched a massive amount of books and photo files to recreate each character to perfection. Actors were a big help in achieving the desired look.

    Eye makeup was crucial in the creation of every character. The shape of the eyes was essential to give form and expression to the rest of the face. 

    The stunning haircuts and the dramatic prosthetics were vital in achieving the look.  They defused the makeup with an airbrush. This process was pre-established with digital technology and 3D prints.

    The team had three hours to apply the makeup to 90 different characters. They used heavy-forced makeup to accomplish the specific look of a “Barbie Doll” for some of the main actresses.
    Vivian Baker, Anne Morgan, and Kazu Hiro, Makeup Artis nominees, Bombshell.  Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Bombshell makeup display. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Bombshell makeup & hairstyling display Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Bombshell. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Bombshell. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Vivian Baker, Anne Morgan, and Kazu Hiro, Makeup Artis nominees, Bombshell.  Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
      Kazu Hiro, Makeup Artis OSCAR WINNER for Bombshell.  Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA

    Oscar nominees:
    Nicki Ledermann and Kay Georgiou

    Inspired in Marvel’s iconic arch-nemesis, “Joker” is the story of one of the most famous anti-heroes in literature. The film focuses on the psychology of the character from its initial transformation into a public enemy.

     “Joker’s” Oscar nomination for Best Makeup & Hairstyling can be academic at first. The truth is that the creation of the character was much more complicated.

    The makeup & hair department spent months of planning, logistics, and copyright clearances, from the studio and from the clown itself, which is a registered trademark.

    The collaboration between director Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoenix achieved the Joker's final look. Joaquin lost so much weight that made his characterization impeccable.

    Talented makeup artist Nicki Ledermann (“The Greatest Showman” and “The Irishman”) spoke about the layers of makeup she had to apply to Joaquin’s character, and how she had to be aware of continuity. For the bloody scenes, she used different types of products, including solvable or waterproof makeup.

    The Joker's hair demanded a very distinctive tone of green. Hairstylist Kay Georgiou went to the produce section of a nearby market and found the perfect broccoli green color.

    They applied wigs and makeup in 15 minutes every day. The clown makeup was used 30 days out of the 60 days of the shooting schedule.

    Nicki Ledermann, makeup artist nominee, Joker. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Joker's hair's color: Broccoli green.  
    Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
     Joker makeup & hairstyling display.  
    Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Joker makeup & hairstyling display. 
     Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
     Joker makeup & hairstyling display.  
    Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Joker makeup & hairstyling display.  
    Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
     "Joker" makeup & hairstyling, Oscar nominee.  
    Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Nicki Ledermann, makeup artist nominee, Joker. Film critic José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA

    Oscar nominee: 
    Jeremy Woodhead

    “Judy” is the tumultuous biopic of Judy Garland that focuses on her last trip to London in 1968. Renée Zellweger gives an Oscar-worthy performance portraying the legendary actress of "The Wizard of Oz."

    In charge of the stupendous makeup & hairstyling design is Jeremy Woodhead. For the characterization, he used prosthetics, wigs, and contact lenses. The makeup process transforming Renée into Judy took two hours every day with staggering results.
    Judy display. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Judy display. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA

    “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” 
    Oscar nominees: 
    Paul Gooch, Arjen Tuiten and David White

    In Disney’s “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” the dark forces doomed the family ties between Maleficent and her goddaughter Princess Aurora. New allies and evil characters will try to impede the nuptials. Envy, ambition, and prejudices play a big part in this fantastic flick.

    The design of the makeup & hairstyling of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” required prosthetics, hair, horns, and a good foundation. The entire composition took two to five hours to apply to most of the actors. 

    The design of the faces had to match the environment harmoniously. They camouflaged their appearance with fur and feathers accordingly.

    The most challenging task for the makeup department was continuity. During the dramatic scenes, they had to match one take to the other. For Angelina’s lips, forty shades of red were not good enough; she wanted a more specific type of red. 

    The makeup department paid close attention to detail. The hands and nails of the female characters were oil paintings. For the male characters, they used silicone prosthetics.
    Arjen Tuiten, makeup artist nominee. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. 
    Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
      Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil makeup display. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Arjen Tuiten makeup artist nominee for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.  Film critic José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA

    Oscar nominees: 
    Naomi Donne, Tristan Versluis, and Rebecca Cole

    In “1917,” two young soldiers are commissioned to deliver a crucial message to the front line to save hundreds on April 6, 1917, during WW I. As the story progresses in this war-movie, the challenges for the makeup and hair department were enormous. 

    To get the real facts, the makeup artists went to the Imperial War Museum in London to research the human anatomy and composition of the diverse ethnicities represented in the film. They did an exhaustive examination of medical books and photographs, focusing on facial and body hair, broken teeth, and even how the soldiers bled at that time. Coincidentally, the British Museum was founded in 1917 as well.

    The film unfolds in one take. In reality, the filmmakers did it in 30 continuous shots. The makeup crew had a very short amount of time to work with the actors - for the bleeding scenes; they built a rig to pump the blood on cue automatically under their uniforms.

    Another fascinating challenge was the use of the "blending point." The blending point is a technique used in movies to camouflage editing. In this epic war-flick, the makeup department had to utilize this approach to make a character turn “blue” when he dies. 
    1917 makeup display. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    1917 makeup display. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    1917 makeup display. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    "1917" dental implants, makeup display. Photo José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo ©2019 Festival in LA
    Naomi Donne, Oscar nominee for "1917.."
     Photo: Gabriel Romero ©2019 Festival in LA
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    The World's Best Female Lead Singer Movies

    By José Alberto Hermosillo
    The World's Best Female Lead Singer Movies  COPYRIGHT www.FestivalinLA.com
    Cinema has taken on the glamorous, controversial, notorious, scandalous, tumultuous, and tragic lives of the most amazing female lead singers in the world.

    Their music, talent, and hard work contrast with their private lives - many tragically sad stories of struggle, agony, sickness, addictions, alcohol, drugs, loneliness, depression, jail, suicide, and above all… redemption.

    The motion pictures and documentaries based on women lead singers have taken some literary freedom that altered what actually happened in their lives - fans from around the world love and hate. 

    For the right approach, filmmakers have chosen a musical, narrative/drama, documentary, or a television series to tell the story and serve justice to the singer's legacy.

    The outstanding performers in the world whose lives have passed to an eternity in larger-than-life movies are:

    “La Vie en Rose” 
    Marion Cotillard as the great Édith Piaf in a larger-than-life epic. 
    The film won two Oscars, Best Actress and Best Makeup & Hairstyling.
    Directed by Oliver Dahan. 
    Vocal (2007).
    France, U.K., Czech Republic
    Coal Miner's Daughter” 
    Sissy Spacek won an Oscar for her work as 
    Loretta Lynn
    Directed by Michael Apted. 
    Country (1980), 
    Lady Sings the Blues
    Diana Ross as the great Billie Holiday
    Directed by Sidney J. Furie. 
     Jazz (1972),  
    Jennifer Lopez as Selena 
    jumped to international fame with this film.
     Directed by Gregory Nava. 
    Cumbia, Ranchero, Tex/Mex (1997), 

     The Oscar Winner documentary about the life of the late singer 
    Amy Winehouse,
    Directed by Asif Kapadia, 
    Pop, soul, jazz, and soft rock (2015),
    United Kingdom
    Katy Perry: Part of Me
    A documentary on Katy’s life and music, 
    which follows her on the California Dream Tour. 
    Directed by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz. 
    Pop-Rock, (2012), 

    “What’s Love Got to Do with It” 
    Angela Bassett was nominated for an Oscar for her incredible performance as  
    Tina Turner
    Directed by Brian Gibson. 
    R&B Soul, Pop, and Rock (1993), 
    Actress Sveva Alviti plays the iconic singer DALIDA,
    an Egyptian born woman with a beautiful voice who went to 
    Paris sang in twelve languages and sold more than 
    170 million records worldwide.
    Directed by Lisa Azuelos, 
    Ballad, pop, disco (2017), 
    Renée Zellweger gives this Academy Award-winning performance as
    Judy Garland.
    Directed by Rupert Goold, 
    Ballad (2019)
    U.K./ USA
    Callas Forever
    Fanny Ardant as the great Maria Callas.
    Directed by Franco Zeffirelli. 
    Opera (2002), 
    Italy, France, Spain, 
    U.K., Romania
    Academy Award-winner Jennifer Hudson performs the life of
    of the late singer Aretha Franklin
    Directed by Liesl Tommy.
    Soul (2020).
    “20 Feet from Stardom”
    An irresistible Oscar Winner documentary  
    narrates the lives of the backup singers 
    of several prominent stars.
    Directed by Morgan Neville.
    Rock, Pop, and Gospel, (2013), 
    “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound
    of My Voice”
    A heartfelt documentary about the trajectory of the Mexican-American singer.
    Directed by Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman.
    Country, Rock, Pop, Ranchero (2019).
    “Nico, 1988.”
    Touring in Europe and Africa, this biopic follows the
    last year of life of the German singer Christa Päffgen also known as Nico, 
    who is has to deal with her demons and drug addiction while
    her Velvet Underground music is a hit.
    Directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli.
    Undergroun (2017). 
    In this evocative flick, a film director wants to shot a biopic 
    based on the life of the great 
    French singer Barbara.
    Actress Jeanne Balibar 
    gets caught in the middle of an emotional roller-coaster.
    Directed by Mathieu Amalric.
    Ballad (2017).
    “Amazing Grace”
    A concert recorded in two parts at the New Bethel Baptist Church
    in Watts, South Los Angeles, in January of 1972.
    Directed by Alain Elliott, Sydney Pollack.
    Soul (2018).
    “Lady Gaga: Five FootTwo”
    Premiering at TIFF. This 
    Netflix verité style documentary follows 
    Lady Gaga during her concerts and behind 
    the stage, rehearsals, 
    and home videos that make 
    this presentation a must-see!
    Director Chris Moukarbel.
    Pop (2017).
    An unauthorized biopic of controversial Mexican singer 
    Gloria Trevi played by Sofía Espinosa. 
    Directed by Christian Keller. 
    Pop-Rock, (2014),
    “Violeta Went to Heaven/
     Violeta se fue a los cielos” 
    Francisca Gavilán plays Violeta Parra
    Singer, poet, composer, and activist. 
    She founded the Universidad Andina,
    a university dedicated to the Folklorist arts in
    South America. 
    Directed by Andrés Wood. 
    Folklorist (2011),
    Chile, Brazil, Argentina.

    What Happened, Miss Simone?"
    She was named the "High Priestess of Soul." 
    An Oscar nominee documentary about the life of the legendary Nina Simone
    A Netflix production on the life of this great
    American singer, pianist, and civil rights activist.
    Directed by Liz Garbus. 
    Soul (2015), 
    “Anna German/
          Ekho Lyubvi” 
    Actress Darya Andreeva as the renowned 
    Polish Singer Anna German.
    She sang in more than 10 languages, and become very
    famous in Russia. 
    Directed by Ilya Malkin for Russian TV. 
    Vocal (2011), 
    Lola Montez
    Martine Carol plays Lola Montèz 
     An adventurous woman who
    ends up as a circus performer. 
    Directed by Max Ophüls. (1955),
    France/West Germany
    “Funny Girl” 
    Barbara Streisand as Fanny Brice
    a singer who goes from the Jewish slums of 
    N.Y. to the Ziegfeld Follies. 
    Director William Wilder. 
    Vaudeville, (1968), 
     “When I Leave/
    Cuando me vaya.” 
    Argentinean actress Libertad Lamarque plays 
    Maria Grever
    the Mexican composer who lived in
    N.Y. and wrote more than
    800 Boleros and music for movies in Hollywood. 
    Directed by Tito Davison. 
    Bolero, (1954), 
    Maria by Callas
    A documentary about the life of the Greek-American opera singer, Maria Callas.
    Directed by Tom Volf, 
    Classic (2017).
    “Life with Judy Garland:
    Me & My Shadows”
    Judy Davis plays Judy Garland in this epic TV series.
    Directed by Robert Allan Ackerman.
    Musical (2001)
    The most complete documentary about the life of late singer Whitney Houston
    An emotional journey that took the image of Whitney
    from her very beginning to the top of the world, her decadence, and her tragic departure.
    Directed by Kevin MacDonald.
    Soul, pop, gospel (2018).
    U.K. / USA
    “Monica Z / Waltz for Monica”
    The life of a Swedish iconic Jazz singer, actress, 
    and performer
    Monica Zetterlund (Edda Magnason). 
    She evolves from stardom to hardship of her carrier.
    Directed by Per Fly,
    Jazz (2013).
    “Lola, la película.” 
    Gala Évora portrays one of the all-time most excellent Spanish singers, 
    the legendary Lola Flores
    Directed by Miguel Hermoso. 
    Flamenco (2007),
    Courage, Passion & Glamour in Ethiopia” 
    This documentary showcases and rescues from oblivion the infectious music
    and the beautiful voice of Asnaketch Worku, 
    a cultural icon in her homeland, 
    in entire Africa, and around the world. 
    Directed by Rachel Samuel. 
    Guttural (2013),
    “Amália the Film” 
    Sandra Barata Belo plays Amália Rodriguez
    Directed by Carlos Coelho da Silva.
    Fado (2008),
    Florence Foster Jenkins
    Meryl Streep plays this heiress with
    a great heart and voice.
    She wanted to be an Opera Singer but not even all her money
    can buy success.
    Directed by Stephen Frears, 
    Opera (2016).
    United Kingdom

    Catherine Frot plays Marguerite Dumont,
    a wealthy woman who wants to be an Opera Singer.
    Directed by Xavier Giannoli, 
    Opera, (2015).
    France, Czech Republic, Belgium
    The Josephine Baker Story
    A T.V. movie based on the life of the famous Afro-American 
    singer and performer,
    who left her country for racial discrimination and found fame in
    Paris - making 12 films, numerous plays, and shows.
    Actress Lynn Whitfield plays the exotic and brave
    Josephine Baker.
    Directed by Brian Gibson. (1995), 
    A TV movie about the story of the blues performer Bessie Smith during
    the Great Depression Era, 
    portrayed by Queen Latifah.
    Directed by Dee Rees, 
    Blues (2015),
    Queen of the Night/
     La Reina de la Noche” 
    Patricia Reyes Espindola as Lucha Reyes
    the first woman in history to sing with Mariachi. 
    (She has a monument at the Mariachi Plaza, 
    East Los Angeles).
    Directed by Arturo Ripstein. 
    Ranchero (1994), 
    Sweet Dreams
    The Story of Patsy Cline
    Jessica Lange as Patsy Cline. A country singer who died in
    a tragic plane crash at the peak of her fame.
    Directed by Karel Reisz. 
    Country (1985), 
    “Sister Smile/
    Soeur Sourire” 
    Cécile de France plays the rebellious Belgian singing nun Jeannine Deckers. 
    (This is the second and more accurate movie version of “The Singing Nun”). 
    She was a composer, singer, and guitar player – 
    Her song “Dominique” was a worldwide success. 
    Directed by Stijn Coninx, (2009), 
    The Singing Nun
    Debbie Reynolds plays Sister Ann.
    (This biopic is loosely based on the real story, see “Sister Smile”). 
    Directed by Henry Koster. (1966), 
    “Hilary and Jackie” 
    Emily Watson as the performer Jacqueline Du Pré and 
    Rachel Griffiths as Hilary Du Pré.
    Jackie is a renowned cellist, and her sister, 
    a prodigy remained a housewife for the rest of her life. 
    Directed by Anand Tucker. 
    Classic (1998),
    United Kingdom
    “Dolly Parton's
    InEight episodes about the songs of the famous American country singer
    Dolly Parton.
    Directed by Liesl Tommy.
    Ballad (2019).
    With a Song in My Heart
    The Jane Froman Story
    Susan Hayward as Jane Froman.
    Directed by Walter Lang.
    American Medley (1952),
    “Interrupted Melody
    Eleanor Parker plays Marjorie Lawrence, an Australian Opera Singer with polio. 
    Directed by Curtis Bernhardt. 
    Opera (1955), 
    I'll Cry Tomorrow.
    Susan Hayward as Lillian Roth
    the Broadway, and Hollywood Star that merged into her sorrows, 
    alcohol, and failing marriages. 
    Directed by Daniel Mann. (1955),
    Spice World
    The Spice Girls Movie
    The adventures of the famous Spice Girls 
    traveling around London in a luxurious 
    double-decker tour bus
    performing for their fans.
    Director Bob Spiers. 
    Pop (1997).
    United Kingdom
    Madonna Truth or Dare
    This documentary follows Madonna on her controversial 
    Blond Ambition Tour in 1990.
    Directed by Alek Keshishian.
    Pop (1991).

    A documentary that follows the life of Chavela Vargas,
    her journey and international fame
    singing ranchero as well as any man could do.
    The film is focusing on her sexual preference 
    for other women.
    Directed by Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi
    Ranchero (2017).
    USA, Mex, Spain
    Actress Christine Ghawi portrayed the renowned Céline Dion.
    This unauthorized biopic made for TV. 
    Directed by Jeff Woolnough. 
    Pop and soft rock (2008), 
    Grace Jones 
    Bloodlight and Bami
    This documentary is about the life of Grace Jones and her concerts around the world.
    Directed by Sophie Fiennes, 
    Disco (2017).
    United Kingdom
    Whitney: Can I Be Me
    A documentary that follows Whitney Huston's journey 
    from her start to her big success, 
    including some very intimate moments of her life.
    Directors: Nick Broomfield, Rudi Dolezal
    R&B (2017).
    U.K. / USA
     “Janis: Little Girl Blue” 
    A documentary about the life of
    the great Janis Joplin
    narrated by musician Cat Power.
    Directed by Amy Berg, 
    Rock (2015),
    The Girls in the Band
    This is a documentary about a female jazz band singers from the 1930s.
     Directed by Judy Chaikin. 
    Jazz (2013),

    “The Star of Emi Bonilla” 
    The documentary about the life of the Spanish singer
      Emi Bonilla
    is narrated by Juanma Lara.
    Directed by Jorge Agó, 
    Copla (2019),
    Carmen Miranda: 
    Bananas is My Business
    The life and fame of Carmen Miranda told in this fantastic documentary
    she was known in Hollywood as
    the Brazilian Bombshell. 
    Director Helena Solberg. 
    Tropical (1995), 
    United Kingdom, Brazil
    “Whisper If I Forget/
    Unutursam Fidilda” 
    Actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah played Humeyra
    a Turkish Pop Star with Alzheimer's. 
    Directed by Çagan Irmak. 
    Pop (2014), 
    Mercedes Sosa: 
    The Voice  of Latin America
    A documentary regarding the music and lyrics were written by Mercedes Sosa in her 
    “Nuevo Cancionero.” 
    One of the greatest composers of South America Andina Music.
    Directed by Rodrigo H. Vila. 
    Folklorist (2013), 
    “Anita O'Day:
    The Life of a Jazz Singer”
    A heartfelt documentary made a tribute to one of the greatest
    Jazz vocalist, unfortunately, Anita O’Day couldn’t see the work finished
    due to her passing.  
    Directed by Robbie Cavolina and Ian McCrudden
    Jazz (2007).
    “Umm Kulthum: A Voice Like Egypt”
    Egypt’s superstar came to alive in this beautiful documentary narrated by the legendary actor Omar Sharif
    Directed by Michal Goldman
    Vocal (1996).
    Egypt, USA
    Shooting the Moon
    "Pumpuang Duangjan"
    Actress Paowalee Pornpimol plays the Queen of
    Thai Country Music 
    Pumpuang Duangjan
    Directed by Bundit Thongdee. (2011),
    “Somebody Loves Me” 
    Betty Hutton plays Blossom Seeley
    Directed by Irving Brecher. (1952), 
    “The Helen Morgan Story” 
    Ann Blyth played the torch singer Helen Morgan
    Directed by Michael Curtiz. (1957), 
    “Love Me or Leave Me.” 
    Doris Day plays Ruth Etting performing at the Ziegfeld Follies. 
    Directed by Charles Vidor. 
    Jazz (1955), 
    "Demi Lovato Simply Complicated" 

    Singer Demi Lovato opens up in an interview about her drug addiction.
    Hannah Lux Davis, 
    Vocal (2017).
    Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” 
    Alexandra Shipp plays the tragic life of a music and video star Aaliyah for American T.V. 
    Directed by Bradley Walsh. 
    Soul/R&B, (2014), 
    “The Linda McCartney Story” 
    Elizabeth Mitchell as Linda Eastman McCartney.
    The story focuses on Paul McCartney and the group they had after
    the Beatles breakup in 1970 named Wings. 
    Directed by Armand Mastroianni. 
    Rock (2000), 
    A Broadway musical based on the early days of “The Supremes.”
    Directed by Bill Condon.
    R&B and Soul, (2006),
    "The Rose"
    Bette Midler plays a self-destructive rock star, 
    in a story loosely based on the life of 
    Janis Joplin
    Directed by Mark Rydell. 
    Rock (1979), 
    “Walk the Line” 
    A superb Oscar-winning performance by Reese Witherspoon as the singer, 
    musician, and composer 
    June Carterthe second wife of Johnny Cash.
    Directed by James Mangold. 
    Country (2005), 
    “The Runaways” 
    A biopic about the 1970’s teenage all-girl rock band named The Runaways
    Directed by Floria Sigismondi. 
    Rock (2010), 
    "The Sapphires" 
    Loosely based on a true story, tells the journey of four 
    Australian aborigines singers who traveled to Vietnam to perform for the troops  
    during the war in 1968.
    Directed by Wayne Blair. 
    Cellist (2012),
    United Kingdom, Australia
    A drama based on 
    the life of the legendary singer and activist Nina Simone,
     portrayed by Dominican actress Zoe Saldana.
    Directed by Cynthia Mort, 
    Soul (2016),
    "Nini's Movie/
    La Pelicula de Nini."
    The greatest Argentine comedy actress and singer who made a career in Mexico during the 
    Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. 
    She is still in the memory of many Argentinians who remember her dearly. 
    Directed by Raul Etchelet, (2005), 
    “The Night of My Love/
    A Noite Do Meu Bem” 
    Regina Célia as the great Dolores Duran. 
    This Brazilian film is lost, and it needs to be found.
    Directed by Jesse Valadâo. 
    Samba (1968), 
    all music
    "Mary Lou Williams: 
    The Lady Who Swings the Band"
    A documentary about the famous jazz pianist
    Mary Lou Williams.
    Directed by Carol Bash. (2015), 
    "Carefully, Carefully/

    Cuidadito, Cuidadito"
    The subject of this documentary is a famous singer, actress, 
    and comedian María Victoria
    who sang and in more than forty films
    including some from 
    The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema,
     and fifteen TV shows.
    Directed by Sergio Muñoz Güemes. 
    Bolero, (2013), 
    A two-part TV film about Dalida’s life layed by Italian actress Sabrina Ferilli. 
    Dalida was born in Egypt and became a French citizen, 
    ranking as one of the top six most popular singers in the world.
    The “Tragic Diva” sang in more than 15 languages. 
    She sold more than 170 million albums. 
    Directed by Joyce Buñuel. 
    Pop (2005), 
    Yaya DaCosta plays Whitney Houston in this biopic made for TV. 
    Directed by Angela Bassett.
    "Toni Braxton"
    The TV movie about the life of the singer Toni Braxton
    Special mention:
    - “La Mala,” young vocalist Lena Burke gets inspired by Cuban Singer La Lupe (2008), Puerto Rico.
    - "Pina," the Oscar nominee documentary based on the work of the German choreographer Pina Bausch, directed by Wim Wenders (2011), Germany.
    - "ABBA: The Movie," a documentary about a DJ that follows the famous Sweden group on tour in Australia. Directed by Robert Caswell and Lassie Hallström (1977), Australia/Sweden.
    In the works:
    Destiny's Child project. 
    Jenni Rivera project.
    Celia Cruz project
    Rocio Durcal project.
    La Lupe project.
    Lupe Velez, 3 projects.

    World Lead Singers Who Deserve a Movie:
    Ailee, South Korea.
    Alejandra Guzmán, Rock, Mexico.
    Björk, Vocal, Iceland.
    Cesaria Evora, Cape Verde.
    Chabuca Granda, Afro-Peruvian, Perú.
    Coco Lee, Pop, Hong Kong.
    Consuelo Velazquez, Bolero, Mexico.
    Delia Derbyshire, Electronica, U.K. 
    Elis Regina, Bosa Nova, Brazil.
    Ella Fitzgerald, Jazz, USA.
    En Voge, Rap/Pop, USA. 
    Flans, Pop, Mexico.
    Karina, Pop, Venezuela.
    Lata Mangeshkar, Bollywood, India.
    Libertad Lamarque, Tango, Argentina/Mex.
    Linda Ronstadt, USA/Mexico.
    Liza Minnelli, USA.
    Liza Wang, Opera, Hong Kong.
    Lola Beltrán, Ranchero, Mexico.
    Lolita, Ballads/Flamenco, Spain.
    Lucha Villa, Ranchero, Mexico.
    Madonna, Pop, USA.
    Margarita, Cumbia, Colombia.
    María Dolores Pradera, Spain.
    Marinella, Greece.
    Melina Mercouri, Greece.
    Mina, Italy.
    Mireille Mathieu, France.
    Nacha Guevara, Argentina.
    Ninón Sevilla, Rumba, Mexico/Cuba.
    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Pakistan.
    Patty Smith, Punk, USA.
    Raffaella Carrà, Pop, Italy. 
    Rosetta Tharpe, Rock, USA.
    Sade, Vocal, USA.
    Sonia Amelio, castanet player, Mexico.
    Sara Gonzales, Cuba.
    Sarita Montiel, Spain.
    Vera Lynn, Vocal, U.K.

    Research by: José Alberto Hermosillo.

    Special thanks to:
    Julián Hernández, Mexican filmmaker, and music in film specialist;
    Eve Holmes, Performer, and Singer, Palm Springs; Vladek Juszkiewicz, Polish Film Festival L.A.; Ozan Aybey, Turkey; Daniel Camargo, Brazil; Antonio Albella, Spain; Masaki Arai, Japan; Michael Villalobos, Los Angeles. 

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