Saturday, December 28, 2019


By José Alberto Hermosillo
Nineteen Best Films of 2019
Nineteen Best Films of 2019:

1. Transit
2. Joker
3. 1917
4. Little Women
5. Invisible Life
6. The Irishman
7. Honeyland
8. Dolemite is My Name
9. The Painted Bird
10. Portrait of a Lady on Fire
11. Parasite
12. Pain and Glory
13. Les Misérables
14. The Two Popes
15. Synonyms
16. Song of Names
17. Honey Boy
18. And Then We Danced
19. The Biggest Little Farm

SPECIAL MENTION: Our Time, Deerskin, Nobadi, Us, The Cave, The Farewell, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, The Mustang, Giant Little Ones, Marriage Story, American Factory, The Report, Maiden, The Aeronauts, The Great Hack, The Art of Self Defense, Apollo 11, Knock Down the House, High Life.

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The year 2019 brought us some fascinating films - many of those you probably never heard of, or have no time to watch them. Many movies have no possibilities for an award or won't get an Oscar buzz - many critics may agree that the best film of the year will not necessarily be the most highly praised or rewarded movie of the year.
"Transit" is the most sublime, obsessively beautiful story of 2019. This modern and existentialist masterwork is comparable with classics such as "Casa Blanca" or "Touch of Evil."  
Films like "Joker" deserve to win Best Picture, "1917" is a masterpiece as well. "Little Women," a movie narrated from the writer's point-of-view and directed by a woman, is the best adaptation of the classic American novel so far. 
Some productions from other countries enrich the list of best films of the year, such as the Brazilian masterwork "Invisible Life." The French productions "Portrait of a Woman on Fire" and "Les Misérables" are also great movies worth your time. 
In the foreign section, we have the Swedish production, "And Then We Danced" about Georgian dancers in love. Finally, the most controversial film of the year, and difficult to swallow, the black and white WWII drama "The Painted Bird."
The year 2019, also brought us a few big disappointments. I was not referring to Cats, Richard Jewell, The Fanatic, Rambo: Last Blood, Terminator: Dark Fate, or Ugly Dolls. But that is another story. 

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