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The Top Ten Mexican Movies in Hola Mexico 2015

Jose Alberto Hermosillo,
Hola Mexico Film Festival 2015 had a big Fiesta in Los Angeles a few days ago and left us with a great impression - The audience, the press, the sponsors, and the talent were content. 

All the shows started on time and most of the directors were present for the Q&As, the red carpets and the after parties were great.
The films were surprisingly good and the LA LIVE Regal was a pleasant venue. 

Hola Mexico, in nine days, showcased 22 quality films from South of the Border with a record of attendance of 25,000 movie goers - Some films like "Gloria," "La dictadura perfecta/The Perfect Dictatorship," and "El Americano" were completely sold out. 
El Americano: The Movie, LA Premiere. Photo Jose A. Hermosillo
Samuel Douek, founder and programmer of Hola did a fine job creating enough buzz to consider the Mexican cinematic fiesta as one of the best film festivals in Los Angeles.

Hola Mexico will remain to grow with numbers of films, fans, events, and sponsors in the years to come.
Hola Mexico will continue enriching itself by having all films subtitled in English. 

Prior the festival, press screenings could spread the word to audiences and US distributors busting the opportunity for Mexican films to hit the movie theaters in the US sooner. 

Rico Rodriguez ("Modern Family") plays Cuco in "El Americano: The Movie." Photo: Jose A. Hermosillo.
Many films presented in Hola won prizes at festivals around the world, including "Club Sandwich," "Las horas contigo," "Mexico Bárbaro," "La dictadura perfecta" among others. 

With mariachi, tequila, concerts and special events, the 2015 edition of Hola Mexico has been the best.

And the top ten Mexican films in Hola Mexico 2015 were:

González, falsos profetas 
(Gonzalez, False Prophets). 
Original, poignant, superb!
A truly Neo-Noir genre film.  
A revelation for a first time filmmaker.
Discloses the nature of business of faith and religion.
The performances were absolutely marvelous. 
Harold Torres is magnificent, 
Carlos Bardem is a true genius in acting. 
Directed by Christian Diaz  Pardo.
Las oscuras primaveras.
(The Obscure Springs). 
Hot, sexy, sensual, complex, intense.
 A wonderful surprise. 
A terrific cast.
Jose Maria Yazpik, Cecilia Suarez and Irene Azuela
are explosive!!!
 Directed by Ernesto Contreras.
Alicia en el País de Maria.
(Alice in Marialand).
A sophisticated, fast string to another dimension feature.
 Dreams and sexual obsessions blind the characters.
A case of mistaken identity that invites to follow it.
Staring two of the new divas of Mexican Cinema:
Barbara Mori and Stephani Sigman (the new Bond Girl)
Directed by Jesús Magaña Vázquez.
El Mas Buscado
(The Most Wanted).
Clever and twisted.
Based on a true story of a
famous mariachi by night and a bank robber by day. 
Directed by José Manuel Cravioto.
East Side Sushi. 
A wonderful story of a woman fighting for her dreams.
From the East Side of Sacramento, a woman gives up her fruit vending cart for a more steady job in a Japanese sushi place. 
She is so good with the knife that fast learns how to make sushi. 
The competition with the other male cooks will backfire on her.
 Directed by Anthony Lucero.
La dictadura perfecta
(The Perfect Dictatorship).
A powerful and scandalous film about the Media and Politics in Mexico.
 The fame of the director is due to his controversial and poignant films, such as: 
"La ley de Herodes/Herod's Law," "El Infierno/El Narco."
Directed by Luis Estrada.
El Americano, The Movie.
 The 3D animation made a big splash with clever Spanglish dialogs and colorful characters. 
A very well made story 
with deep feelings and excitement for adventure.
Directed by Ricardo Arnaíz.
Tiempos Felices
(Happy Times).
A serious comedy about a breaking-out and a crazy agency who take advantage of the naive people who hire their services.
Directed by Luis Javier M. Henaide. 
Eddie Reynols and the Steel Angels
A great surprise, enjoyable.
 A musical for the middle-aged and the youngsters too.
 To all who love the rock en español.
 Directed by Gustavo Moheno.
An eye-opening  documentary about the Mexican Revolution of 1910, Masons, and an army of 100,000 Charros against a possible invasion of Nazis to Mexico during the 1940's.
Director and video artist Fernando Llanos unveils family secrets. This film about Fernando's Grandfather's past made uncomfortable to a more than one member of his own family. 
A most see! 
Directed by Fernando Llanos.
☆☆☆                                 ☆☆☆                         ☆☆☆
Phill Roman, legendary animator and producer of the Simpsons, Garfield, Tom & Jerry, The Mask, La Leyenda de la Nahuala. Photo by Jose Alberto Hermosillo.
Producer Michael Olmos. Photo: Jose A. Hermosillo
Director Ricardo Arnaiz, El Americano: The Movie. Photo by Jose A. Hermosillo,

Raúl Méndez presenting Visitantes. Photo: Jose A. Hermosillo.
Actor Damian Alcazar: La dictadura perfecta, Eddie Reynolds.
Director Fernando Llanos, "Matria." Photo: Jose A. Hermosillo.
Fernanda Ulibarri and DJ SANTI.
Nina Dioz Concert.
Jose Alberto Hermosillo and "The Don Chente Girls."

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