Friday, November 22, 2019

The Aeronauts: A Fantastic Journey of Discovery and Enlightenment

By José Alberto Hermosillo

Last weekend, Amazon Prime Video invited us for a delightful movie experience. A screening of their new film "The Aeronauts" and a fantastic themed fair.

Welcome to TheAeronauts Incredible Journey. Photos: Jeff Lovin Amazon Prime Video ©2019

The Film is found on the 1862 real-life scientists James Glaisher and Amelia Wren, played by Best Actor Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and Oscar nominee Felicity Jones.

The Aeronauts' original dress. Photo Jose Alberto Hermosillo, Festival in LA ©2019

“The Aeronauts Incredible Journey” fair includes plenty of fun activities to participate in, plus an avalanche of occasions for the perfect snapshot.

The Aeronauts hot air balloon. Photo: Jose Alberto Hermosillo, Festival in LA ©2019

The extraordinary exhibits at the fair included a flight to the stratosphere on “The Magnificent Mammoth” Hot Air Balloon as the main attraction.

The Aeronauts phonograph DJ. Photo: Jose Alberto Hermosillo, Festival in LA ©2019

The fair had a world-class phonograph DJ, who was playing period music. Attendees danced the polka and Viennese waltzes, visited the Mesmerizing Hypnotist and roasted coffee on the Remarkable Ready Roster.

The Aeronauts - fortune teller. Photo Jose Alberto Hermosillo, Festival in LA ©2019

Also, many visited the fabulous fortune teller. Participants had their photo taken with stereoscopic proportions by climbing up into the basket of the “Mammoth” hot air replica to capture a spectacular photo.

The Aeronauts flyer, Amazon Prime Video.Photo Jose Alberto Hermosillo, Festival in LA ©2019

The Devil-May-Care Rope-walker is always fun to watch, and many of the people dressed up in costumes from that particular time-period. 
After that, the fun continued. The audience was invited to attend to watch the movie on “The Fly-In Theater” is a hot air balloon with a screen attached to it. 
The organizers prepared two gigantic screens where everybody can enjoy the film to perfection. It all happens in the open air of a lovely autumn evening outside the historic Rose Bowl Stadium of Pasadena.

The Aeronauts Incredible Journey. Photo Jose Alberto Hermosillo, Festival in LA ©2019

“The Aeronauts Incredible Journey” was a sensational experience for adventurers, film lovers, and the entire family.

The Aeronauts popped corn. Photo Jose Alberto Hermosillo, Festival in LA ©2019

“The Aeronauts” is an inspiring, captivating and engrossing film. 

The movie is highly recommended for the entire family, mostly for those girls and boys who are avid to discover and explore new horizons.
The Aeronauts banner. Amazon Prime Video ©2019

“The Aeronauts” Movie 

“The Aeronauts” is the true story of two scientists, the meteorologist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) and the pilot Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones), who decided to help each other on a venture to research further in their respective fields.

James will investigate a way to measure accurately the weather report combining the measurement of temperature and humidity. 

Amelia, as a brave female pilot, will try to break the world flight altitude record and become one of the most admired pilots of our time.

The Aeronauts, still. Amazon Prime Video ©2019
The non-linear structure of the film makes us aware of the characters' backgrounds, personalities, emotions, and true desires. The multidimensional story keeps the audience wondering about the scientists' fate up there, on the air, and in the cold. 

“The Aeronauts” is a British period movie directed by a BAFTA nominated helmer, Tom Harper, his credits include “Wild Rose,” “War Book,” and some episodes of the TV series “War and Peace.” 

Watching this epic journey made me think of other epic movies such as “The Titanic” or “The Impossible.” In those films, humans defeat nature to prevail with their mission, whether it is to survive nature’s adversity, eternal love, or discover essential elements that will change the course of humanity forever. 

Film critic Jose Alberto Hermosillo. Photo: Gabriel Romero. Festival in LA ©2019

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