Friday, September 23, 2016


By José Alberto Hermosillo,

Surprisingly controversial, “Goat” is one of the most shocking films of the year!

A mischievous young-adult drama unlocks the debate about the outrageous “Fraternity rituals” and bullying on campus across America. 
The story focuses on two ambitious brothers with big dreams and high expectations, Brad Land (Ben Schnezert) and Brett Land (Nick Jonas). A Freshman and a Senior, college students, conflicting on opposite sides of a Fraternity. 
During a summer celebration; the white youngsters, party hardcore with alcohol, drugs, and shameless sex.
 Feeling left out, Brad, the introvert younger brother, leaves the party early. His insecurities play a significant role in his emotional decisions, as he couldn’t say “no” to a stranger who begged him for a ride. 

Down the road, the stranger and a friend beat the hell out of him. This traumatic assault puts Brad’s well-being at risk making his transition to college even more painful. 
At the University, pledging to the sickening initiation rituals of the Fraternity becomes a living hell for all the newbies, including Brad.  
There is no place to run for those “poor rich white kids.” 

The testosterone and the adrenaline run high among the members of the Fraternity. The aggressive behavior of the Seniors is used to scare and abuse the Freshmen and treat them like a "goat" ready for a sacrifice, (metaphorically speaking).  
The epitome of humiliation comes when the “goats” become the guinea pigs, pet’s toys, and all sorts of animals. 

The physical and emotional assaults of the young students are pushed to the limits.

Feeling the pain, Brad, in his desperation, eventually, expresses “I'm sick of getting scared all the time.”
At one point, Brett becomes aware of the damage, he and his buddies are causing to the youngsters (including his little brother), that starts doubting about the Fraternity's hierarchical rules. He develops an internal conflict with the two dark sides of the morals of the brotherhood. 

Ex-member of the Jonas Brothers band now turned into the pop star; Nick Jonas is terrific in his film debut by playing the tough big brother.

On campuses across the country, nobody seems to break the vicious cycle of abuse. As we learn that professors, counselors, principals, and the authorities in charge of the student's well-being, know about the bullying and do nothing to stop the excessive use of violence of the Fraternities, making this crime institutionalized.

Witnessing “Goat” could be essential for parents, teachers, and students to start the discussions about bullying at Colleges across America.

The problem of bullying on campuses is not exclusive to white male students as it is portrayed in the film, it happens to all ethnic groups, and even to the Sorority groups (for women), it happens to anyone, everywhere.

Other notable films about bullying in schools worth mentioning are the British production “The Riot Club,” “Dazed and Confused” by Richard Linklater, the Mexican Award winner “After Lucia,” the Gus Van Saint’s Palm d’Or winner “Elephant,” and “Klass” from Estonia.

The graphic violence in “Goat” is effective and crosses the line a few times, but this picture produced by James Franco and directed by Andrew Neel didn't take the risk to push the bar higher and make "Goat" transcendental, consistent and edgy. 

The film needed fewer dialogues and fewer explanations to continue the momentum gained in the beginning. It needs more symbolism, punch lines, and antagonistic situations to create a significant impact all the way until the end, like “Amores Perros,” “Irreversible,” “Memento,” and “Blue is the Warmest Color” did years ago.

After seeing “Goat,” I have to ask myself a question: If we continue with this vicious cycle of bullying, abuse, and emotional damage, what kind of world are we building for the next generations to come? The period of violence must end.

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