Thursday, December 3, 2015

Moomins on The Riviera: Social Satire in Animation

By José Alberto Hermosillo,

The new flick from Finland, “Moomins on The Riviera,” is a delightful animation for children of all ages, including grown-ups. It is g
lamorous, affectionate, and funny. 

The Moomins are a singular family of cute white living things (non-related to the hippopotamus) that look alike.

The Moomins live on a deserted island with a tall lighthouse, palm trees, and nothing else. 

The Moomins are an eclectic family of intellectual beings who like to live an existentialist life.

After a massive storm, the Moomins see an opportunity to travel for the first time out of the island and accomplish their long-awaited dream: a vacation on the French Riviera. 

Being from a small island, they know little about the French people’s sophistication, good manners, and fancy.

In their fantastic adventure, they think they are welcome as “guesses” at the Riviera’s elegant hotel. They don’t know they have to pay for such a luxurious service.  

This hand-drawn animation is based on Tove Jansson’s original comic strips published in a British newspaper in 1955. From then on, the Moomins are very popular in Europe.

When the worlds collide, the Moomins start the fun. 

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The story is more about friendship and love. 

The Moomins have no money or a high level of education, but they are charming, sweet, and loving. 

Others with money and class have an attitude problem. They are snobby and, sometimes, not lovely.

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The idea of showing the social differences in a cartoon with so much cleverness and humor is fascinating.

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“Moomins on The Riviera” is a social satire with a good sense of humor that is fun and worth watching. 

We must forget the differences between them and others (like us) because they are only Moomins. 

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