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“YOU’RE KILLING ME” Dating a Serial Killer Has a Good Sense of Humor

By Jose Alberto Hermosillo

“You’re Killing Me” is an absurd romance-slasher gay movie with a twist of dark humorTwisted and weird, naive and wacky.

An Authentic American Gay Horror-Comedy. 

Joe (Matthew McKelligon) is a regular, insensitive kind of guy who can’t open-up to other guys.
Courtesy of Wolfe Video
Easily bored at the superficial gay gatherings, Joe turns to a killing spree, funny but true.

Joe, the killer, stalks George (Jeffery Self) and soon they start to date. 

George is a good looking, narcissist, Internet Star. He and his friend Barnes (Bryan Safi) have a trendy, fun, and flashy Drag Show on-line. They are reporting who they see at the Target Store in West Hollywood and other banal topics that go viral on Social Media. 

George naively thinks Joe is hot and anything else.

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The relationship gets interesting when Joe, the killer, confesses all his crimes. 

George, the Internet Diva, doesn’t take things too seriously, instead, he feels flattered and falls for the serial killer.

George is happy to have someone attractive near him and Joe is content to finally meet someone who listens and understands him. 

For Joe, George is someone he can introduce to his parents, no matter how awkward the situation can go.
When George’s friends get in the way, they disappear mysteriously, one by one. 

The ones still alive take a while to see the signs, they react when the danger is imminent.

The original dialogs are fascinating, from the George’s greeting voice mail to the sarcastic lines of Joe: 

“Hi! Leave a message or text me like a normal person." George.

“The killer is someone the victim always knows.” Friends.

“I don’t really joke.” Joe.

“I’m glad I got to be with you when you’re going wild." George. 
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I truly love this director Jim Hansen (from the smash viral series “The Chloe Videos”). 

Hansen is able to show perfectly the disconnection of the American society with the real World issues and how candid and self-centered most Americans can be. 

No matter how dramatic the situation turns, a “whatever” will immerse us inside our tiny little bubbles of our fantasy world. 

After all, there is nothing wrong with living in “La-La Land.”

In “You’re Killing Me” Hansen worked with actors he knew and trusted but missed a big opportunity to show the diversity of the gay community by adding more characters from different backgrounds. Clearly, this movie was made before the #OscasSoWhite controversy.

Although the editing is wacky and out of rhythm, the thrilling moments are funny and that is good enough to provoke a nervous laugh.  
Courtesy of Wolfe Video
“You’re Killing Me” is not the regular serial-killer type of movie and certainly Joe is not the kind of guy you want to go out with or fall in love, but at least he is someone who pretends to listen when you have nothing important to say.
Photo by Jose Alberto Hermosillo Copyrights Festival in LA 2015
“You’re Killing Me” was the most talked about movie at OUTFEST 2015, some of the audience hate it and others like me, loved it.


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