Monday, June 15, 2020


By José Alberto Hermosillo

Due to the extreme circumstances of the pandemic, closure of movie theaters, and adjustments to the “New Normal,” this morning the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced important new key dates for the Oscars 2021.

The new time-frame for an award eligibility is now from Jan 1st, 2020 to February 28th 2021. This means, producers, talent, and distributors will have more time to exhibit their films, campaigning, and conquer the vote of the Academy members.

Oscar. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo. FestivalinLA ©2020

The Shortlist announcement is on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021.
The Nomination announcement is on Monday, March 15th, 2021.
The Oscar Night is on Sunday, April 25th, 2021

The Academy Museum Opening is scheduled for Friday, April 30th, 2021.
Academy Museum construction. Photo: José Alberto Hermosillo. FestivalinLA ©2018.

For the fourth time in history, the Academy delayed the Awards: In 1938, the Academy moved the ceremony days after the big floods of Los Angeles. In 1968, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. also delayed the ceremony. In 1981, the homicide attempt against president Ronald Reagan moved the awards as well. Now, in 2021 the delay is because of the pandemic – closure of studios, productions, and movie theaters.

The new multicultural Board of Governors is taking important and transcendental actions regarding diversity and inclusion. Plus, the required participation to an annual Unconscious Bias Training for Governors, branch executive committee members, and Academy staff. The course is open to all the 9,000+ members. 

These critical changes and adjustments are necessary to benefit not only the Academy Awards, movies studios, or distribution companies, but also for everybody's safety, representation, and inclusion. 

Academy Key Dates. Photo Oscars ©2020

José Alberto Hermosillo, film critic at FestivalinLA ©2020

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