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“Roma” is Mexico's Official Entry to the 91st Academy Awards®

By José Alberto Hermosillo
Roma is Mexico's Official Entry to the Oscars® 2019.
“Roma” was the Golder Bear winner at the 75th Venice Film Festival directed by Alfonso Cuarón and produced by Netflix. It is selected as the Mexican entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards, as it was expected,

Películas inscritas Goya y Oscar 2019

Last month, the Mexican Academy of Cinematography released a shortlist of twelve films, including: 

The animation “El Angel en el Reloj” by Miguel Angel Uriegas, “El Buquinista” by Gibran Bazán, “El Club de los Insómnes” by Sergio Goyri Álvarez, the documentary “The Devil’s Freedom” by Everardo González, the biopic “Eternal Feminine/Los Adioses” by Natalia Beristaín, “Everything Else” by Natalia Almada, “The Gaze of the Sea” by Jose Álvarez, “Las Tinieblasby Daniel Castro Zimbrón; the winner of Best Screenplay at Berlin Film Festival “Museo” by Alonso Ruizpalacios, “Roma” by Alfonso Cuarón, “Tigers Are Not Afraid” by Cannes winner Issa López; the Sundance winner “Time Share” by Sebastián Hofmann, and last year’s LA Film Festival winner “El Vigilante” by Diego Ross.
The Mexican film is generating rave reviews since its premiere at Venezia 75. Then, Telluride, Toronto, and soon NYFF announced as a Centerpiece.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, the “Moonlight” Oscar winner director, Barry Jenkins, after attending the premiere, wrote on his tweeter account, “Yeah, ‘Roma’ is f…glorious.” He added, “It is so wonderful to see an artist operating at the peak of the performance level of such a personal, vigorous piece. The aesthetic is both personal and political here. The aesthetic is wielded to a wonderfully emotive, devasting effect.”

Actor Gael Garcia Bernal wrote: “‘Roma’ is a marvelous film. I remember the movie as if it was my memory as if we knew this movie always existed. I can’t stop thinking about it, and to acknowledge the affection and dimension that every moment has. Gracias, Alfonso Cuarón.”

Film critic Carlos Aguilar: “I’m speechless. Calling ‘Roma’ a sublime masterpiece barely begins to describe what I saw & how I feel. Tears & goosebumps throughout. I’m filled with nostalgia for Mexico City, an immense love for everyone involved, and so much pride for the country that made me who I am.” 

Also of competing for Best Foreign Language Film, "Roma" looks very strong in other categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, cinematography, and some in the acting too.

If the nostalgic, black & white film set in the 1970's in Mexico City continues its ascending trajectory, "Roma" will be the first film in Spanish to ever be nominated for Best Picture. "Traffic" and "Babel" were partially spoken in the Cervantes language, English, Japanese, and Arabic.

Selecting Alfonso Cuarón's “Roma” by the members of the Mexican Academy will give Mexico the strong possibility to win for the first time the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film after eight Oscar nominations.

1. “Macario” by Roberto Gavaldón, 1960.
2. “The Important Man/Ánimas Trujano” by Ismael Rodríguez, 1961.
3. “Tlayucan” by Luis Alcoriza, 1962.
4. “Letter from Marucia/Actas de Marucia” by Miguel Litín, 1975.
5. “Amores Perros” by Alejandro G. Iñárrity, 2000.
6. “El crimen del padre Amaro” by Carlos Carrera, 2002.
7. “Pan’s Labyrinth/El Laberinto del Fauno” by Guillermo del Toro, 2007.
8. “Biutiful” by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, 2011.

Alfonso Cuarón, José Alberto Hermosillo.

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