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By José Alberto Hermosillo
FICG in LA! 2018 poster
The Guadalajara Film Festival in Los Angeles continues building bridges between Mexico and the USA. Besides the features, documentaries and short films, the festival brings other essential works from Ibero-America and the USA, including the Oscar entries for Best Foreign Language Film from Peru “Wiñaypacha/Eternity” and “Champions” from Spain.

Thirty-three years ago in Mexico, the Guadalajara Film Festival was founded by Oscar winner director Guillermo del Toro. Today, the festival in Los Angeles wants to contribute to the necessity that the public has for Diversity. The representation of other communities is strong, with the first film about Afro-Mexicans in Oaxaca: “La Negrada.”
  Many Angelinos are still not familiar with the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles. It is celebrated in the heart of Hollywood with the association of the UDG Foundation-USA and the University of Guadalajara-Mexico.
Xavier Lopez “Chavelo,” “The Mongolian Conspiracy”
The festival in Los Angeles brings legendary Latino celebrities such as actor/producer Hugo Stiglitz (“Alive/Sobrevivientes de los Andes”) and the long-lived TV personality Xavier Lopez “Chavelo,” who has a supporting role opposite Eugenio Derbez in the Opening Film “The Mongolian Conspiracy” directed by Sebastian del Amo (“Cantinflas,” “El mundo fantastico de Juan Orol).

Since the very beginning, the festival has given recognition to many Latin American personalities with the “Tree of Life” Award.
Omar Chaparro, Martha Higadera. Photo Jose Hermosillo.
This year, Guadalajara honors the work of actress/producer Martha Higadera (“Street Kings,” “Altered Carbon,” “No Manches Frida”). There is also a well-deserved recognition to Omar Chaparro (“Overboard,” “Pulling Strings”) for his participation in films in Mexico and the USA.
Damian Alcazar. Photo Jose Hermosillo
Actor Damian Alcazar (“The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian,” “Herod’s Law,” “Forgotten,” “Cronicas”) will receive his “Tree of Life” Award as well.
Press Conference at the Mexican Consulate of Los Angeles.
The festival has a remarkable program called WIP Latino, which gives out economic incentives to the post-production stage of feature films and documentaries. WIP helps talented filmmakers to finish their projects. 

We also hope to focus more on outreach for Distribution Deals and have a fair-share of Latino-themed films for movie theaters in the USA. For more information about this program, e-mail to

We highly recommend the 8th Edition of FICG in LA, because this year, the program has many exceptional films worth your time.

Tipsheet: FICGinLA
When: Oct 26-29
Where: Opening Night, Egyptian Theater, Hollywood, 
Screenings: TCL Chinese 6, 
Shorts Showcase: Mexican Consulate. 
English subtitles.

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