Friday, December 15, 2017


By Jose Alberto Hermosillo
A new record of 92 hopefull countries submitted a film for the 90th Academy Awards consideration in the Foreign Language Film category - including six nations presenting a movie for the first time, Honduras, Haiti, Laos, Mozambique, Senegal, and Syria. 

From the long list of Foreign Language submissions announced last month, only nine films advance in the Oscar® race, the five films will be nominated later next month.

Chile, “A Fantastic Woman,” Sebastián Lelio, director.

Germany, “In the Fade,” Fatih Akin, director.

Hungary, “On Body and Soul,” Ildikó Enyedi, director.

Israel, “Foxtrot,” Samuel Maoz, director.

Lebanon, “The Insult,” Ziad Doueiri, director.

Russia, “Loveless,” Andrey Zvyagintsev, director.

Senegal, “Félicité,” Alain Gomis, director.

South Africa, “The Wound,” John Trengove, director.

Sweden, “The Square,” Ruben Östlund, director.

The nominations for the 90th Academy Awards® will be announced on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. And the Awards are going to be on March 4th, 2018 at 3:30 M. Watch the Oscars.
Director Sebastián Lelio, “A Fantastic Woman.” Chile.
Director Andrey Zvyagintsev,  “Loveless,” Russia.
Director John Trengove, “The Wound,” South Africa.
Director Ruben Östlund, “The Square,” Sweden.

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