Friday, September 5, 2014

“2 Bedrooms 1 Bath” A Scary Place to Move In

By Jose Alberto Hermosillo.          
Photo by Jose Alberto Hermosillo © 
 Genre: Horror. Country: USA. Language: English. Year: 2014.

Are you looking for a new place? Are you expecting a child soon? Then, you may need a bigger home. “2 Bedroom 1 Bath” offers what you need to live the married life. This is not a classified ad, it's a new scary movie from Al Bravo Studios about an apartment complex named “Casa Bonita,” where dreadful things are happening. Welcome to hell.

This well told story is about Kevin and Rachel, a young couple looking for the perfect place to live and have their first baby. They meet with a creepy manager of the building, a lady with a rare history. The power of persuasion made them to settle in that place without knowing its terrifying past. 

This is not your traditional horror Hollywood movie, it's psychological and it has more suspense than gore, less bloody and much less nasty body parts all over the place, but the baby scalps may freak you out. 

The delusions, daydreaming or even daily life situations are references to: “The Shine” and “Rosemary's Baby.” The dialogues are built into empty words based on the difficult situations that the characters experience inside the house. 

Many traditional elements of a horror film work just fine to increase the tension, such as: open wood floors, reflecting mirrors, dark closets, red dresses, closed windows, rats, baby scalps, and blood, not much blood, but there is blood. Sound design is comparable to “The Orphanage” or Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Devil’s Backbone.”  

Shot in the most haunted city in America, New Orleans, offers a good variety of locations making the production value of this movie acceptable. The cinematography could be done more stylishly. They could get the inspiration from the Swedish movie “Let the Right One in” or even Clint Eastwood’s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” both films have great visuals. The editing could have a faster pace to let the adrenaline flow like in the Irish thriller “Citadel."

Photo by Jose Alberto Hermosillo ©

The script well written by writer/director Stanly Yung brakes apart from from the traditional cliches and stereotypes to reveal more of the character’s emotions in extreme situations.  

Overall, this low budget movie produced by Al Bravo will get you a good scare because when you are expecting a baby you may need a “2 Bedroom 1 Bath.” 

Houses can tell stories, and those stories could be of intense horror.

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